Washable and Customizable Scrubs

Scrubs are the default uniform worn in hospitals, private medical offices, veterinary offices, and other stand-alone offices offering medical services. They are easy to wear, come in many colors, and are easily washable. Why are they easily washable? Because of the choice of fabrics.

Materials Used for Scrubs

Because scrubs are generally used in professions that require proximity to healthy and ill individuals, they need to be easily sanitized and washable. In fact, some hospitals provide scrubs to medical staff, which are then laundered through hospital approved locations. Laundry services need to have high capacity machines which can sanitize the soiled hospital linens due to the germs and bacteria found in the hospital. Cotton is a commonly used fabric due to its ability to withstand the high heat required to fully clean it. Therefore, the majority of scrubs on the market are constructed with cotton-based fabrics. However, scrubs fabricated with 100% cotton tend to be stiff.

With the advent of different combinations of fabric for clothing that withstands high heat and breathability, scrubs can now be much more comfortable. These days, scrubs can be made from a combination of polyester/cotton blends with spandex. With the addition of spandex, scrubs can move more freely and comfortably against the skin. This is especially advantageous for those working in rehabilitation and nursing.

Customizable Scrubs

Nowadays there are many companies providing many different kinds of scrubs. There are scrubs found in solid colors, patterns, licensed designs, as well as many others. Also, now scrubs can be easily customizable.

Scrubs can be personalized by adding a name or initials to a pocket or the front section of a top. A department may choose one color to represent the group while adding flair on each scrub for each. It is easy to find more options to make it even more individualized.

Today’s experience of wearing scrubs is much more enjoyable compared to the past when the only fabric available was cotton. With all the different combinations of fabric and ability to customize each scrub, wearing scrubs while working in a medical setting is much more pleasant. The best part is that scrubs are still easily washable while being comfortable.