How to pull off business casual

Do you like to dress casually for the office? Looking smart and well-groomed is still important. Although startup culture is influential, you don’t want to look like a student. Here are some ideas on putting together a successful business wardrobe with a relaxed style.

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You can be flexible with trousers in a relaxed office, but for your basics, stick to khakis or chinos. For more texture, corduroy or wool trousers come in a wide variety of colours and styles. The colour of your trousers should be entirely different from the hue of your blazer.

Collared shirts

If you don’t wear a tie, you probably rely on a buttoned-up shirt. Pair this with a sport coat or wear it underneath a cashmere or merino jumper. For an extra masculine look, unbutton the top buttons while keeping the shirt tucked in. You could play with patterned and printed shirts for a dash of individual style.

Smart Farah shirts are perfect for business casual wear. They are available from retailers including

You can get away with T-shirts in a casual office setting provided you keep them straightforward: plain shirts with a simple pattern and a slim fit win out. If hoodies are the order of the day, try to stand out.

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A belt can add the magic touch that brings your outfit together. Match the colour of your belt to the colour of your shoes for casual settings, and make sure your shoes are well-polished if you are wearing a glossy belt.


In less formal settings, denim is often a staple. You can look professional with dark-wash, fitted jeans with a tapered or straight leg. These go perfectly with jumpers, button-up shirts and relaxed footwear. Ripped jeans are off the agenda, however.

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Business Insider recently looked at what business casual really means.


Looks in the casual office are flexible. You can stand out with an Oxford, Derby or loafer. Smart polished leather boots are versatile and work for both an important meeting and a date. Desert boots with rubber soles are also acceptable.

Any trainers worn to the office should be clean and stylish. Opt for a simple slip-on or old-fashioned style, such as Vans. Stay away from flip flops and sweatpants; bare toes in the office are a no-no.